Korean Ramen

Ramen is typically a Japanese dish and translates to ‘pulled noodles’. It is so versatile, you can make Ramen using any vegetables, meat substitute and noodles and using any spices / broth.

We enjoy experimenting with different flavours & textures and as we all love noodles and spices in our home I enjoy trying different options for Ramen.

I have discovered these noodles which are gluten free and vegan and have a wonderful texture.

They have four nests per pack and you can have one nest per person. There are three different types – brown rice, black rice and buckwheat. I decided to use the brown rice noodles in this dish – and later in the week I will attempt a Japanese dish with the black rice noodles.

I have been wanting to make a Korean Ramen for a while. There is a wonderful lady whom I follow on Instagram who makes beautiful vegan Korean food (The Korean Vegan) and she uses ‘Gochujang’ paste in many of her dishes. I have found a recipe to make Gochujang, but have not had the time. All the supermarket jars of this that I have found have either gluten or fish.

I finally found a tub that has no gluten and is vegan – and it is delicious!

There is plenty left over from the Ramen, so I am going to attempt to make ‘kimchi’ this week (watch this space).

I made the Ramen using gluten free tempeh marinaded in the Gochujang mixed with some other ingredients. The tempeh took on the flavours wonderfully, and I used some of the marinade in the broth to spice it up a little.

You can see the recipe here. The trick is to make everything so it is ready at the same time. I cooked the tempeh first, then the cauliflower, then I cooked the mushrooms and broth and steamed the greens on top of the broth and finally the noodles.

If you do try this or have any other ideas or suggestions please leave a comment!

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