We decided to try our ‘organic black rice noodles’ tonight. We purchased them as part of a gluten free, organic rice noodle multi-pack from the ‘King Soba’ range (please click the image below for further information on the noodles).

Black rice has a rich cultural history; called “Forbidden” or “Emperor’s” rice, it was reserved for the Emperor in ancient China to ensure his health & longevity – so we felt quite privileged to have a pack of these noodles to sample!

Black rice is rich protein, iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, selenium, and B vitamins – this combined with it’s high level of anthocyanins (see below) makes black rice a nutrition powerhouse. It is renowned for it’s high level of antioxidants and according to Chinese medicine, it is considered a blood tonic.

(Anthocyanins – the pigments that give blue, red and purple plants their rich colouring are known to offer anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer benefits)

I made ‘Korean spiced cabbage with black rice noodles’ for our family meal tonight. The noodles went purple when cooked which looked very nice with our leafy greens. They took around 3-5 minutes to cook in the broth and had a slightly nutty taste. Everybody enjoyed them – the colour didn’t put the boys off, in fact Toby was excited to try black noodles.

We will definitely buy more of these and try some different dishes. Please subscribe to our site if you would like to keep updated on our new dishes and let us know if you have any ideas of dishes you would like us to try!

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  1. Looks wonderful! Thank you for posting!

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