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This is a reminiscing / holiday / travel related post which is something I wanted to share with you all. I love to see beautiful places in the world that people visit, it always inspires me. Whether it is to visit there myself, or to look up what types of food they have and to try to re-create them, so I thought doing a little post about beautiful places myself may help inspire you.

This morning a photo popped up on my Facebook memories and all the smells, feelings and tastes came rushing back to me.  It was from our short break in Northern France in 2017.

We love France and try to visit every year.  We love to drive to the South in Summer and if we get chance we also try to fit a short trip in during Spring or Autumn to the North of France and visit places we have never been to before.

We have a huge list of Cities and Villages in France that we love, and Amiens is near the top of that list.  Divided by the Somme river, Amiens is known for the Gothic Amiens Cathedral and nearby medieval belfry. Shops and cafes line the Quartier St.-Leu’s narrow streets and floating market gardens dot the city’s canals. The Musée de Picardie shows art and antiquities spanning centuries. Nearby, the Maison de Jules Verne is a museum where the science fiction author once lived.

We stayed in a ‘Suite’ in the Hotel Mercure Amiens Cathedrale.  Our room was amazing – it was a corner suite with two adjoining bedrooms and a terrace which overlooked the Catherdral. After our long drive, sitting on the terrace with the sun beaming on us marvelling at the Cathedral and sipping a glass of local French wine was absolute bliss. 

We wandered into the centre where there were shops, cafes and restaurants and a fountain which children were playing in – of course Toby had to join in.  It was so pretty and clean, and the people were very friendly, telling us about the best local places to visit and their lifestyle. 

We had a look in the Cathedral and it is truly a beautiful building – the sculptures and stained glass are so detailed, it is one of those buildings that makes you feel very emotional being inside.  I am hoping we can return soon as there were parts of the City we didn’t get time to visit.

I am looking forward to creating some french dishes within the next week – the classic Ratatouille that my grandma used to make, a Lentil Parmentier (French cottage pie) and a rich chocolate / praline dessert. Please keep your eye out for these dishes over the next week.

If you like history and architecture and French culture then we recommend visiting Amiens. If you have visited Amiens or plan to do so, please leave us a comment.

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