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Vegan and gluten free ‘fake-away’

Vegan and gluten free Chinese fake-away with king oyster mushrooms.

We really fancied a Chinese take-away tonight but Chinese take-aways are one of the most risky take-aways when you have a gluten-intolerance.

Soy sauce is in most dishes, and those that don’t have it can be cross-contaminated. I have risked it in the past as I love Chinese food, but most times I have been ill for days after eating it, and it’s not just a tummy ache – it is fever, aches all over, palpitations and numbness as well as dizziness and extreme fatigue – it is not pleasant. πŸ˜”

Both Paul and I also struggle with MSG and Chinese take-away food tends to have a lot of MSG – and of course being vegan you have to watch out for fish sauce in dishes. Let’s face it, most take-away food is not healthy and you can get far tastier, healthier alternatives if you have a go at making your own.

Nowadays, when we want Chinese food, I will cook a tasty stir fry or sweet and sour with noodles or rice. The whole family enjoys this and it does feel good to know the exact ingredients that are going into our food.

Today though, I was craving that traditional Chinese chippy curry taste that you get from the take-away, so I decided to make a quick Chinese curry sauce that I have made in the past, but make it into a full curry dish.

I also had some king oyster mushrooms in the fridge – I cannot praise these mushrooms enough πŸ„. They have a wonderful chewy texture and I have used them in the past as part of a paella or ramen. If you have ever eaten squid, they have this texture – much nicer in my opinion though. I can understand why they are the ‘king’ 🀴 of the mushrooms. 🌱

So I decided to make a two course ‘fake-away’ and have a go at salt and pepper ‘squid’ using the mushrooms. I would call them salt and pepper mushrooms, but these mushrooms are nothing like the mushrooms you get in the traditional dish.

The curry is simple to make and is flavoured with curry powder, five spice, garlic and ginger – it was delicious. It had that chippy flavour that I was looking for but was much healthier and no risks involved. It was easy, just using tofu and veg that I had in the fridge.

The king oyster mushrooms were something else though. I honestly was not expecting them to be as good as they were – they were the star of the meal. The batter was perfect and made the mushrooms nice and crispy but they were still chewy inside.

Paul and the boys absolutely loved them – I think they have become our new ‘go-to’ dish when we are craving a fast food fix. They would also be nice dipped in a vegan mayonnaise or on their own with squeezed lemon.

For the curry recipe please click here and for the salt and pepper please click here.

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