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Quick miso noodle soup with crispy tofu

I am honestly loving the home learning with the children, but there are some challenging moments. Simeon and Toby are very good at doing their School work from home, but today was one of those days when Toby just did not want to do anything. I understand, I have those days every now and then (who doesn’t), but being an adult I have to deal with it and motivate myself.

Being only seven, and with the person trying to motivate him being his is mum, unfortunately Toby dealt with his feelings towards his work by complaining, ignoring me and there were even slight tears. If he was at School this would never happen, because doing all these things in a class full of children would not be cool and being shouted at by a Teacher is not something Toby has experienced or wants to experience.

I am trying to approach the home working as more of a helper rather than a Teacher and I explained this to Toby today. The Teachers have been working hard every day setting work for them to do, and if they were in School they would be doing double the workload. I am there to help him to plan his work, structure his work and to guide him and help him when needed. Giving me such a hard time isn’t going to make the work go away, only take longer to complete.

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