Simeon has been asking to make a home made vegan-version of a ‘Crunchie’ bar. This used to be his favourite chocolate bar and when I told him how easy it is to make honeycomb he couldn’t wait to have a go.

I found a recipe on BBC Good Food for the honeycomb and we decided to make a double batch – but we didn’t need to, there would have been more than enough with a single batch. It is a great thing to make with kids as it is easy, and it’s fun to watch the bubbles form and the mixture froth up – but I recommend an adult transferring the mixture to a cake tin as it is boiling hot.

I spent the whole cooking session telling Simeon to be careful not to touch the mixture, then I touched it (don’t ask why). I now have a nice little blister on my index finger which Simeon found amusing after I told him over ten times not to touch it.

For a single batch all you need is 200 grams golden caster sugar, 5 tablespoons golden syrup and 2 teaspoons bicarbinate of soda. You heat the sugar and syrup in a pan over a low heat until the sugar melts, then increase the heat to a simmer and when the mixture starts to go a light golden colour, remove from the heat and whisk in the bicarbinate of soda.

Once you have done this the mixture will froth up, pour it immediately into your pre-greased 20cm square cake tin. I used greaseproof paper instead of greasing the cake tin and it worked perfectly.

Once the mixture has set in the tin after an hour of resting, we spread some vegan dark chocolate over it and put in the fridge for 20 minutes.

The boys (and Paul) love it. Obviously with it’s giant size there is plenty left so I have wrapped it in foil with the intention of making it last a good few days… I think it will make one more day in our house anyway! πŸ˜‹

2 comments on “Vegan Crunchie

  1. can u plz tell me what golden caster sugar is .. I have heard of caster sugar but not this ..thanku

    • Of course, the original recipe uses caster sugar, but we can get golden caster sugar in our local supermarket, we prefer it and it is labelled vegan. It is the same, but has not been refined.

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