Main Dishes

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Noodle & Rice Dishes

Please click the image to see our range of rice and noodle dishes – all gluten free!

One Pot Big Dishes

Please click the image to see our range of one pot and big dishes – all gluten free!

Aubergine Parmigiana

The classic Italian dish made gluten free and vegan.

Lentil Bolognaise

Tasty brown lentils in a rich tomato sauce. Perfect for spaghetti bolognaise.


This is the closest I can get to the traditional Ratatouille that my grandma used to make. The smell and flavour is amazing.

Easy Vegan Chinese ‘Chip Shop’ Curry

This is a quick and easy midweek meal that the whole family can enjoy – tastes just like chip shop curry but a little healthier!

Potato and Broccoli Curry

Satisfying, easy curry in a nice thick sauce with rich curry flavour.

Creamy Gnocchi with Kale & Mushrooms

Packed with fibre and vitamins – a creamy and flavourful dish – flavoured with rosemary and thyme.

Sweet and Sour Vegetables

Packed with crunchy vegetables, this sweet and sour dish has wonderful texture and pairs well with sticky jasmine rice.

Vegan Jalfrezi

This is our vegan version of the spicy Bengal curry dish. It is tomato based and has a fiery kick from plenty of green chillies.

Garlic Chilli Mushroom

With Chinese influence for this dish – our Garlic Chilli Mushroom dish has a rich garlic flavour combined with sweetness of caramelized onions.  

Chana Masala

A high protein, tasty curry with lots of spicy flavours.

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

The combination of exotic mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms and spinach gives this dish a meaty texture but without the meat.

South Indian Coconut Curry

This curry has those lovely South Indian spices and the flavours and the smell is wonderful. Perfect for a family curry night.

Colourful Salad Bowl

This is a colourful salad rich in protein and vitamins and is super healthy & tasty.

Vegan Burrito Bowl

Packed with nutrients, this mexican dish is easy to make and is versatile. Loved by us in a bowl, and by the children in a wrap.