Noodles & Rice

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Vegetable Biryani

With tasty roasted vegetables and beans, this vegan version of the traditional Indian Biryani is a nutritious tasty dish.

Lo Mein with Rice Ribbon Noodles

This is a dish using pre-prepared vegetables for quick and easy noodle dish.

Korean Spiced Cabbage & Noodles

Matched with cabbage, ginger and Korean chilli flavour, these nutritious black rice noodles are something else!

Shiitake Noodles with Crispy Tofu

Using brown rice ramen noodles, this is a tasty gluten free noodle dish.

Korean Ramen with Brown Rice Noodles

This gluten free, vegan dish is packed with nutrition and full of Korean flavour from the ‘Gochujang’ (Korean chilli paste).

Singapore Noodles

Delicious curried noodles – simple and satisfying.

Spanish Paella

With the golden colour, traditional flavours and juicy textures this vegan, gluten-free paella will bring everyone to the table.

Delicious Jambalaya

This is our vegan jambalaya with beans, chickpeas and plenty of herbs and spices.

Thai Vegetable & Crispy Tofu Ramen

This is our thai, gluten-free, vegan Ramen. It is packed with protein, vitamins and has a spicy kick.

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