Plant Pioneers Shroomballs

£2.50 – Sainsbury’s

The best balls ever!!

Toby, our 7-year-old absolutely loves meatballs and since going vegan it is one thing he has really missed.  I did buy some meat-free meatballs last year and he was disgusted (they actually didn’t taste very nice at all). 

I was apprehensive about buying some more vegan meatballs but I know we love the shroomdogs so thought these could perhaps be okay. 

I cooked them in the foil tray provided as suggested on the packaging then added them to the pasta / marinara. I watched carefully as Toby took a bite and he looked at me, beamed and put his thumb up.  Phew!  Then Paul tried one and said “wow, these have to be the best meatballs I have ever eaten” – I couldn’t wait to try, and they were delicious.

The fact that they are gluten free also is a huge bonus for me, as it is difficult to find gluten free and vegan convenience tasty products.

Great for an easy family meal – one down side – there aren’t enough in the pack for the four of us (including two growing boys).

Doves Farm Gluten Free Organic Penne Pasta

£2.10 – Sainsbury’s

We have tried many types of gluten free / vegan pasta and have struggled to find one that we actually enjoy… until now.  Most gluten free pasta is either too mushy once cooked or too firm or just tastes awful.  I have considered making my own and will be looking into this in the near future, but it would be good to know there is a convenient pre-made pasta that we can all enjoy as a family.

We found this one in Sainsbury’s and have heard good things about Doves Farm products so thought we’d give it a go.  I made shroomballs (will review these on another post) and pasta and made a batch of our marinara sauce and mixed the pasta into the sauce. 

It was delicious.  The texture was perfect, and it tastes like any regular pasta.  The whole family enjoyed it and even asked for more!