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Something Dishy is a site which celebrates our love for plant-based food and living as well as family-life and travel – all the things we love.

Our site contains recipes for dishes from all over the world. Our dishes are meat, dairy and gluten free.

We are Paul and Michelle from Lancashire, United Kingdom.  We love food – cooking, creating and of course eating. Whether you are a vegan, a flexitarian,  a vegetarian or just like to cook – we have created this site to inspire and share our experiences with you. We aim to provide delicious recipes, honest reviews of vegan and gluten free products and restaurants and share experiences of our life as a vegan family.

We have first hand experience of the difficulties faced when you first become vegan or when adapting to a gluten free lifestyle for health reasons, and we got through by reading supportive blogs and sites as well as watching programmes and listening to other people’s stories who have made similar changes and we have learnt so much along the way – we simply want to pay it forward.

We encourage everyone to join in our discussions and leave comments as it’s always lovely to meet like-minded people and to receive feedback.

Our background

Paul has suffered for many years with fibromyalgia and has tried various medication, exercise, physiotherapy and other techniques to ease his pain and nothing has worked. 

After a few years of constant pain, headaches, muscle aches and fatigue I was diagnosed with a gluten and lactose intolerance last year.  I have really struggled with not feeling in control of what I can and can’t eat – going to restaurants and asking for specific menus, being constantly unsure if I was going to end up in pain after eating and feeling restricted with food. 

Until 2019 we were both meat eaters, completely oblivious to the health implications, the damage to the environment and ignorant to the huge suffering of animals. 

Our son, Simeon (aged 11) was a vegetarian since June 2018. He is passionate about the environment, animals and loves to learn and he asked if he could become vegan. He told us a few truths about dairy farming and the meat industry and we had to read up for ourselves.

We watched The Game Changers on Netflix and then read some articles online and discovered many health benefits of eating a plant-based diet as well as learning about the truth behind the dairy and meat industry.

The Game Changers made me think of my diet differently – making me realise I can take control of my diet instead of constant feeling of having no control. It also inspired Paul to try something different to see if it will make a difference to his symptoms.

We then watched some other documentaries amongst which were What The Health and Cowspiracy… we were shocked and saddened that we had not seen these sooner. These made our mind up and instantly we decided that a plant-based diet and becoming vegan was the way to go so we did our research on vitamins and nutrition and started our new venture.

Within a few days of eating a plant-based diet, Paul noticed a huge difference.  His energy levels and cognitive skills improved and his aches and pains reduced. 

I found my motivation and passion for cooking again, discovering new, nutritional recipes and making meals that I knew were good for my body and soul and my energy went through the roof! We started to really enjoy going to restaurants again making it a fun challenge to find the best vegan and gluten free food we could.

Our two boys also love this new way of living and the new foods and flavours we are discovering. Our youngest, Toby has now decided to be vegan and since doing so his eczema flare ups have reduced dramatically. Simeon was the one who inspired us in the first place and he is now thriving on his plant-based diet.

Plant-based food is our family’s future!  We are still learning a great deal (and still making mistakes), developing new recipes and facing criticism for choosing to live this way and as we know so many people are in the same boat we want to share our journey with you and hope that you can get something from this, whether it’s a new recipe, a new restaurant to try or you just want to have a discussion about any of our topics.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and please subscribe to be the first to know about new posts and something dishy!

Michelle & Paul


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