Kava, Tomorden, West Yorkshire

Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free options in a quirky little cafe in the centre of the market town, Todmorden.

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Pizza Hut – Middlebrook, Bolton

Pizza Hut have a great menu for vegan and gluten free pizza.  The thing I love about pizza hut is when choosing your base you just tell them ‘pan’ ‘thin’ or ‘gluten free’ and there is no awkwardness, it is a standard option.

We never used to eat at pizza hut before we became vegan, and it was only when Simeon asked if we could go one day that I had a look online at the menu and saw the vegan and gluten free options that I couldn’t wait to try it.

We went for lunch to pizza hut at Middlebrook in Bolton, Lancashire.  The staff were friendly and service was quick.  I ordered the BBQ jackfruit pizza with gluten free base, Paul ordered the chilli pizza on thin base, Simeon ordered the all about mushroom pizza on pan base (adult portion) and Toby ordered a children’s pizza.

We were all hungry so couldn’t wait to fill our salad bowls, and there was plenty of choice.  It was all topped up nicely and fresh.  The sauces were still in the bottles so you could check the ingredients which was great as I tend to avoid sauces in-case they are not vegan or contain gluten.  Obviously I went overboard with the jalapenos and chilli sauce and my mouth was on fire for a good 10 minutes, but I still enjoyed it. 

The pizzas were a big hit with all of us.  Paul tried my pizza and said he actually preferred the gluten free base!  (since we have been again Paul has opted for gluten free). There were plenty of toppings on the pizzas and the vegan cheese was delicious!  Simeon was worried that it was real cheese at first but when we managed to convince him he devoured his pizza. There were no complaints and we were all satisfied at the end of our meal.  The price was fair and we have been since and will be going again. 😊